About Us


We are constituted by a deed as a charity and registered as a trust under Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act, Chapter 164 Laws of Kenya. The deed provides the legal framework for our operations while a constitution provide comprehensive rules and regulations for the day-to-day running of the organization. We are a non-profit and non-political, non-governmental organization.

Prior to changing our status, we operated as a community based organization since our inception in 1996.


Organizational Structure 

The organization’s activities are overseen by a Board of Trustees whose

major role is the provision of general direction, policy formulation and

general supervision and control over the activities of the organization.

An Executive Board, Senior Management Team, (SMT) with other staff

,runs the organization on a day-to-day basis with mandate to implement

policies and programmes. 

Our Vision

We aspire to design and develop needs-driven, situation-specific approaches to serving the underprivileged/disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the society in order to ensure equality, equity and justice for all


 Our Mission 

The Centre for Humanitarian Initiatives International (CeHII) is committed to giving hope to the hopeless and serving the most vulnerable members of the society with a view to improving their well-being and also improving living conditions of the target communities to ensure a better world for all.


Our Values

The CeHII puts premium in our core values of integrity, fairness, justice, equality, honesty, independence, impartiality, transparency, accountability and best practices. These form the standards by which we measure our performance and service deli


Our Objectives

 Our broad objective is rights based humanitarian assistance. The other specific objectives include:


-         Community empowerment and poverty eradication

-         Capacity building

-         Access to affordable quality healthcare and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming

 -    Human rights

-         Child support and education

-         Ensuring improved livelihoods and food security.

-         Community based initiatives towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

-         Research and publications.


What We Do

The CeHII is a humanitarian organization whose main mandate is to provide assistance to those in need. We also undertake specific direct interventions where necessary.

Our main thematic areas of work continue to be rights based; right to food, shelter, water, education, security, protection of - and equality before - the law, quality and affordable healthcare, knowledge acquisition and freedom from arbitrary arrest, torture and harassment.


The CeHII puts a lot of premium in enabling local communities to acquire skills to prioritize their needs and organize themselves to demand until they get their rights. Towards this end, CeHII has developed several specific programmes each of which is coordinated by a Program Officer and relevant staff.


 The Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Michael Magak - sitting left in orange shirt,

 with partners at a past event in   Mombasa, Kenya

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