Human Rights Programme (HRP)


Under this programme we carry out advocacy work, receive, investigate and act on complaints of abuses, advise victims, confront perpetrators and provide humanitarian assistance to victims where possible. We also advocate for judicial, legal and penal reforms.


Civic Education Programme (CEP)


This is our flagship programme. We have carried out, and still continue to carry out, extensive civic education to enlighten the citizens on a variety of issues and topics. This is based on our conviction that only informed citizens can actively and effectively participate in the socio-political, economic and cultural affairs of their nations and hence improve the society.


Our high profile, passionate, active and effective participation in civic education in partnership with the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) during the constitutional review process and the recent referendum in Kenya is typical of our Civic Education activities.


We intend to continue with this programme under the following thematic areas: -

-   Constitution and constitutionalism

-   Democracy and democratization

-   Fundamental rights

-   Mainstreaming of civic education and policy influencing

-   Gender equity and equality.


Child Support and Education Programme (CSEP)


As more and more children become orphans due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, there is need for concerted efforts to develop specific programmes targeted at providing support, protection and care to these kids. This programme is designed to assist and give hope to all children made vulnerable either through poverty, conflict, HIV/AIDS or otherwise. The programme is tailored to ensure the children have access to:

-          Quality education

-                     Quality healthcare

-                     Shelter

-                     Food, water and

-                     Security


CeHII does not believe in institutionalization of children. We have therefore designed the program such that the orphans can be taken care of in their home set-ups or can live with foster parents where possible.


Currently, our Programme staff is identifying the potential beneficiaries through an on-going survey. The data and information from the survey will form the basis of the program implementation.


Youth Empowerment Component


 Under the same program, the youth who have completed whatever level of education are:


-                             Encouraged to pursue further studies

-                             Assisted to acquire vocational training/skills

-                             Assisted to get employment

-                             Assisted to start business ventures

-                             Counseled

-                             Encouraged to engage in sporting activities.


Affirmative Action forms the corner stone of this program, with 60% of beneficiaries being the girl-child.


Research and Publications Programme. (R&PP)


The organization has carried out extensive research in a variety of areas.


-                             Constitution and constuitionalism

-                             Human rights

-                             Conflict management

-                             Disaster management and Humanitarian interventionism

-                             Civic education

-                             Gender

-                             Children welfare and education

-                             Justice system and reforms


Different members of the CeHII have written extensively on the above themes: We have to continue to carry out research, surveys and consultancy.


We have so far assisted several groups in the preparation and processing of documents for registration purposes and also in the preparation strategic plans. We prepare deeds, constitutions and even project proposals for organizations and groups. We assist individuals and groups with interpretation and processing of simple Legal and Court matters.




The CeHII has plans to publish a quarterly newsletter to be known as “THE HUMANITARIAN REPORTER”

This publication is intended to provide a forum for reporting and discussing humanitarian issues in the thematic areas of:

-                             Conflict management

-                             Disaster management

-                             Volunteerism

-                             Philanthropy

-                             Current development issues

-                             Rights issues

-                             Governance


Deliberate attempts are being made to ensure broadest participation in and as wide dissemination of the newsletter as possible.

All the reports of the organization are also written under the program.


Millennium Goals Community Initiative (MGCI)


To participate and contribute in the achievement of UN MDGS, the CeHII continue to develop specific projects for partner community groups.


These projects are specifically tailored to address poverty situations and gender equality issues.


The key components of these projects are: -

- Integrated Agri-Business empowerment with emphasis on:

v                       Modern farming method

v                       Borehole drilling

v                       Water storage

v                       Irrigation

v                       Capacity building in micro/small business management

v                       Marketing skills


- Empowerment of the girl-child and women

- HIV/AIDS advocacy

- Care of orphans


Afya Bora Campaign Alliance


This is an advocacy programme meant to lobby for policy change to enable citizens to access affordable and quality healthcare.


Its main focus is campaign for a comprehensive social health insurance scheme, which will ensure every citizen ha s equal access to quality healthcare.


This programme attempts to empower local communities to claim their health rights through advocacy activities; capacity building sessions and awareness campaigns.


The programme has minimal direct medical intervention in extreme cases. Its HIV/AIDS component creates awareness about the pandemic and advocates for universal access to ARVs for all infected citizens.

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